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PEQI is a MEME animal from Oriental Hong Kong

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Trade crypto with fastest crypto exchange. Over 300 tradable coins / tokens and over 3000 active pairs.

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To Know Us

PEQI innovatively uses blockchain technology and its team's in-depth knowledge to create the world's largest full-chain Swap MEME token with full-chain operation

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Data Asset

PEQI is an open source infrastructure application, and the project also has universal appeal, which means that its code is open and transparent, providing investors with the easiest and fastest way to diversify their portfolios.


Our main focus is to build a community-driven cryptocurrency platform aimed at educating a new generation of investors, i.e. building a wealth creation plan. Inspire them; the possibilities in the blockchain space and effective financial decision-making. Additionally, timely financial-related content is provided, offering solutions to the complexities associated with making the right financial decisions. We aim to achieve these goals by developing our own technology on the blockchain, which includes our native token PEQI, NFT series, smart wallet, decentralized NFT launchpad and Full chain Swap

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The heart of PEQI

No compromise with services and products join us today.

Welcome to PEQI Full Chain Swap

Different from other Swaps, PEQI Swap can support all public chains for transactions, and guarantees zero slippage, low handling fees, and fast speed.

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The most trusted way for powerful influence

A platform that has developed solutions to educating the next generation of investors as well as making crypto investment simple and safe for everyone.

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Key Features


Decentralized NFT launchpad

crypto wallet

Smart Wallet






Information Hub


P2P Exchange

Use Cases

Connect creators and investors

Utilizing a decentralized NFT launchpad, NFT creators get a direct connection to potential investors. NFTs can be listed and traded upon fulfilling the necessary KYC requirements for authenticity.

Safe & Secure wallet feature

Smart wallet developed with features to securely send and receive crypto as well as in-built dApp functionalities.

DAO Governance structure

With the introduction of new projects under the incubation program, users get to vote on which project goes live and decide by voting, the necessary implementations.

Full Chain Swap

PEQI Swap provides users with comprehensive information display and efficient experience in a single page, without the need to open many websites tediously, helping users greatly save time and energy, which creates a sticky trading environment.

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The Rise of PEQI Full Chain Swap

Multi-chain operation

In the future, PEQI Swap will intervene in public chains including Ethereum, BSC, Neo, Heco, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, etc.

Cross-chain ecological plate

PEQI Swap provides users with a one-click cross-chain asset swap experience by deploying the "aggregator + asset cross-chain pool" model on different public chains and Layer2 networks

Mining experience

The emergence of PEQI Swap greatly facilitates the construction of decentralized applications (DAPPs) and the issuance of various digital assets, and fully enjoys the fast and convenient mining experience of PEQI

Liquidity Mining Rewards

PEQI Swap supports liquid mining rewards, adopts liquid mining methods, and is committed to creating a decentralized DeFi+Swap ecosystem

Pledge ecology

Users can pledge ecological tokens and obtain other tokens to obtain annualized returns

Safe and reliable

The issuance mechanism of PEQI Swap will uphold the principles of complete openness, transparency, fairness and justice, all data will be operated on the chain, and the code will be open source. It is a truly decentralized application-oriented public chain

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Meet The Team

Brian Wood Founder Blockchain Advisor
Anthony Burt Website Developer
Andrew Diaz Marketing Advisor
Parno. Anno Research Manager
Lucas Matthew Project Designer
George Smith Community Manager

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Buy WAK now!
Buy WAK now!
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Trade PenguinToken
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